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Arizona golf courseThe state of Arizona has long been recognized as a premier destination for golf lovers. According to Phoenix golf source, metropolitan Phoenix has over 185 golf destinations, which includes public, private and resort golf courses.  With so many top-notch Arizona golf course options right in our beautiful desert backyard, there is a golf course to fit every golfing enthusiast’s needs. With an average of over three hundred days of sunshine in a year in the “Valley of the Sun”, a Phoenix golf course or a Scottsdale golf course is the perfect playground to enjoy the sport and the many amenities offered in the surrounding communities. Just a short drive east of the Phoenix area, one can enjoy the scenic high desert views that a Tucson golf course can provide at one of their many world-class luxury resorts.

Phoenix golf courseRed sandstone arches might be the background scenery enjoyed during an excursion at Sedona Arizona golf. One of the most dramatic Arizona putting greens, the breathtaking views enjoyed in this unique area of our state make this a golfing experience not to be missed.

The use of synthetic grass and artificial turf on many Phoenix golf greens is environmentally beneficial as controlling water usage is critical in our desert environment.  In the summer, when the temperatures outside sometimes reach 120 degrees F, indoor putting greens become a popular venue for those wanting to escape the heat but still enjoy their favorite pastime.

The quality and design of the golf courses in Phoenix and the surrounding areas of the state are recognized worldwide. The community is home to professional events including the PGA Tour FBR Open held in February at The TPC of Scottsdale, the LPGA Tour’s Safeway Ping in March at Superstition Mountain, and the Nationwide Tour Gila River Golf Classic held in Chandler during the month of October. With the population of the Phoenix metropolitan area increasing significantly every year, the golf industry in the valley of the sun will only continue to grow.

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