Backyard Putting GreensBackyard putting greens from Southwest Greens have brought the game home, quite literally, for countless golf enthusiasts nationwide. In the process, weíve managed to enhance both their game and the value of their home. On added benefit however, has to do with the positive effect installing our synthetic turf can have on the environment. Not many people know it, but mowing and maintaining natural grass, whether it is a lawn or some other type of natural green area, can actually be environmentally unsound. And while no doubt itís not the primary reason youíre considering installing a home putting green, itís just one more positive element youíll invoke by installing golf green of synthetic turf in your backyard.

Southwest GreensSo exactly how can your home putting green benefit the environment? It can do so simply by replacing the natural grass that came before it. The yard work we associate with natural grass lawns is, as it turns out, littered with environmental pitfalls you might never imagine. Using a gas lawnmower for merely an hour, for example, is the equivalent of gassing up the car and embarking on a 100 mile trip. And though you may or may not know what hydrocarbons are, youíre releasing them into the atmosphere every time you mow. And when you do, they reappear above you as smog. And we havenít even mentioned the water Ė some 25 gallons per square foot of lawn Ė that most of us squander on our lawns without a second thought.

All issues which, if not eliminated entirely depending on the rest of your yard, can certainly be significantly reduced when a backyard putting green is the focal point of your landscape. Letís not kid ourselves. Nobody installs a Southwest Green to save the environment. They do so to experience the convenience of playing the game they love, whenever the please, in the comfort of their own backyard. But as added bonuses go, the fact that our greens are environmentally friendly is a pretty fine one indeed.

Discover what so many have discovered before you and what more and more golf fans like yourself are discovering every day. Namely, all the great ways a Southwest Green can bring a sense of convenience to your golf game and a sense of uniqueness to your backyard.

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