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Arizona Turf Store

Artificial grass and artificial putting greens from The Arizona Turf Store!  If you are looking to enhance your residential backyard landscaping, or even spruce up a commercial lawn or playground, the Arizona Turf Store can provide you with all of the do it yourself products you need.  Our artificial grass turf and wholesale products are the best synthetic products at the lowest prices.  The Arizona Turf Store is your number one artificial grass supplier!

Artificial grass and artificial putting greens can enhance your backyard and even increase your home's value. The artificial grass turf is safe and virtually maintenance free.  For all of your synthetic lawn and golf green needs, please come visit our company, the Arizona Turf Store!

Synthetic Grass

For your wholesale do it yourself residential backyard artificial grass products and synthetic putting green products at the best prices, come visit the Arizona Turf Store!  We are your number one artificial grass turf supplier! The finest quality artificial grass turf products are perfect for residential do it yourself projects. As an artificial grass supplier, we can offer our wholesale products at great low prices.

There are many benefits to using artificial grass products. You can reap these benefits and still not break the bank when you shop at our wholesale artificial turf and synthetic grass store. Come see our showroom and start building with the better option today!


  • Simple Installation
  • No Standing Water to Attract Insects
  • Safe For Pets and Kids – No Itching or Sneezing
  • Withstands the Arizona Summer Heat, High temperatures and Monsoons
  • Looks Great Year Round - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!
  • Never Mow Your Yard Again - Save Time and Energy!
  • No watering - Water Your Flowers Instead!
  • No Brown Patches or Dead Spots - Be the Only One on the Block with a Perfect Lawn!
  • No Fertilizing, No Chemicals, No Seeding - Nearly Zero Maintenance and all the Benefits Real Grass!
Residential Landscaping Residential Landscaping

Even the most challenging terrain can look like a lush oasis with artificial turf. Natural looking and feeling, it is a technologically advanced synthetic turf system, engineered for durability, performance, and appearance.

  • Artificial turf revolutionary grass fibers give the effect of a perfect lawn, year round.
  • Versatile design applications for a variety of climates, surface traffic, slopes and contours.
  • Economical – practically eliminates all maintenance and irrigation costs.
  • Available in multiple styles.
  • Easy to install.
  • Environmentally friendly – conserves water, eliminates fertilizers and pesticides, and is 100% recyclable.
  • Practical for residential and commercial use.
  • Artificial turf doesn’t attract insects, animals won’t eat it, it’s allergen-free, and accidents wash right through.

synthetic grass benefits

Water Conservation - Landscape Rebates

Existing: To encourage a permanent reduction in the amount of water used for landscaping purposes, rebates are now being offered.  You can reduce your outdoor water use by 50 percent or more by installing artificial turf and synthetic lawn.  Receive as much as $750 for converting grass to low-water-use landscape.

How do I qualify?
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