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natural vs synthetic turfSynthetic Turf System Investment Return Analysis:

Natural vs. Synthetic Turf - Residential

Installing a Synthetic Turf System from the Arizona Turf Store  is an investment that supports a substantial maintenance and operations savings over an extended period of time, while allowing substantially increased use.

Natural Grass vs. Synthetic Turf
The following is a hypothetical study of the comparative costs of a synthetic turf system. Costs are for an application area of 600 sq. ft. over a 10 year period.  Estimations do not include the additional cost of water usage which can be significant during the summer months!

Synthetic Grass

Natural Grass – Installed


Ground preparation & sod

$ 3,500.00

Sprinkler system

$ 2,425.00


$ 5,925.00

Natural Grass Maintenance Costs

Unit Cost

Total Cost Yearly

Gardener (Once a month)

$ 70.00

$ 840.00

Sprinkler maintenance/repair (Twice a year)

$ 100.00

$ 200.00

Annual total costs


$ 1,040.00

Synthetic Turf


600 sq. Ft. @ $4.00 sq. Ft.

$ 2,400.00

Total cost

$ 2,400.00

Cost Comparison Per Year

Natural Grass

Synthetic Turf System

Year 1

$ 5,925.00

$ 2,400.00

Year 2

$ 6,965.00

$ 0

Year 3

$ 8,005.00

$ 0

Year 4

$ 9,045.00

$ 0

Year 5

$ 10,085.00

$ 0

Year 6

$ 11,125.00

$ 0

Year 7

$ 12,165.00

$ 0

Year 8

$ 13,205.00

$ 0

Year 9

$ 14,245.00

$ 0

Year 10

$ 15,285.00

$ 0

Total Savings after 10 Years

$ 12,885.00

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natural grass versus synthetic

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