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Arizona Turf Store

Synthetic turf has become an extremely popular outdoor landscape surface.  The Arizona Turf Store, the leading supplier of wholesale synthetic turf products, offers everything you need to build your own backyard synthetic lawn or home putting green.  Synthetic turf is also safe for sports fields and playgrounds.  Looking for suppliers of synthetic turf? The Arizona Turf Store has all the synthetic turf products you need to build your own putting greens at home in your backyard, or to create greener landscape year round with the finest synthetic turf and grass from our wholesale company.

Synthetic turf is becoming very popular to enhance the look and feel of commercial landscaping as well.  With the water shortages we are experiencing in the Southwest, many cities are looking at synthetic turf as a way to reduce this strain on the natural resources.  The Arizona Turf Store, your number one supplier of wholesale do it yourself synthetic turf products can help you conserve water at your home by offering an alternative to traditional backyard landscape.  You can build putting greens and practice your game at home anytime you like.  As a supplier of synthetic turf and grass we offer low prices for great quality materials.

Synthetic Grass

For all of your synthetic turf and putting green needs, please visit your supplier of synthetic turf, the Arizona Turf Store!  Our wholesale synthetic turf products make it easy for you to build your own backyard landscape for your home.  Come see us today and let the Arizona Turf Store be your supplier of synthetic turf and grass products.


Dog Runs       Arizona Turf Store Dog Runs

Imagine... a lawn that is clean, low maintenance, safe from animal abuse and green 365 days a year!!!
With synthetic lawn, your yard can have a beautiful area for your dogs every day... without the hassles and expenses of maintaining a natural lawn!

Tired of your dog tracking in mud and having no grass because of your dog?  The Arizona Turf Store has the answer for you - Synthetic Turf Dog Runs. The same quality product is used for schools, athletic fields and lawn applications, all which resemble real grass.

The surface is in filled with washed sand and granulated crumb rubber to keep the turf fibers standing upright and to increase stability, creating a weighted surface which looks beautiful year round. It can be cleaned with Simple Green to disinfect along with a leaf blower and rake to remove debris. The fibers are water resistant and our technicians are trained to install your new dog run or yard with proper drainage and seaming where necessary.

  1. No more dead spots in your lawn
  2. No more muddy paw prints on your carpets and furniture
  3. No more dirty dogs to bathe constantly
  4. Maintains a pleasant, safe environment for your dogs
  5. The infill is non-toxic; urine drains right through
  6. Feces are easier to locate and remove
  7. Surface can be cleaned with a household cleaner
  8. Dogs won't dig through it and don't chew it
  9. No more exposure to fertilizers and other lawn chemicals

Need a few more ideas?


* How about a batting cage, a pitcher mound, baseball fields

batting-cage turf


* Around the pool

uses for turf   turf uses


* On play areas

Play Area

* Between bricks on a walk way…

Synthetic Grass Between Bricks

The options are endless.