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Arizona Turf Store

The synthetic turf industry has been on an extreme upswing in the last several years. More homeowners as well as homebuilders are finding a variety uses for synthetic grasses in backyards as well as community centers.

There are three main reasons the growth in the synthetic industry has been extremely significant, especially in areas such as Arizona:

  1. Real grass is extremely difficult to grow and maintain in areas with extreme temperatures.
  2. Water conservation is becoming extremely important to the state of Arizona and with the popularity of synthetic grass increasing, homeowners may contribute to the conservation of water on first hand basis.
  3. With the care and maintenance required for real grasses to maintain their beauty, homeowners often spend large amounts of money to sustain a green yard. Surprising to many, synthetic grass will save homebuilders and homeowners money far before a warranties expire.

Synthetic Grass

Often, even with proper maintenance, lawns burnout, grow in patches, or are at the mercy of climate changes to grow the way they were intended. With synthetic grass, lawns are able to appear green and luscious all year round with practically no maintenance.

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Arizona Turf Store

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